Double Domme Session Appointment with Mistress Teressa & Mistress Lady Cornelia…

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Well little boys out there in fetish spank land it’s that time for your Double Domme activities with Mistress Lady Cornelia and Mistress Teressa at their new splendiferous Dungeon and Domestic settings in Manchester, as two of the best Mature pro-domes sessions you‘ll ever need in the Northwest.

We need to spank and chastise you so that we can help let some sunshine back into your lives again after Christmas and New Year. Therefore, you’ll need to get a move on to focus on treating yourself at this dark, miserable time of the year. You may be suffering from the conditions of S.A.D, (seasonal affective denial)?

You may also need to scratch that itch by seeing two sexy Mature Double Dommes’ of your dreams, in the Northwest and this will include lots of fun and frolics and lots of tie and tease, pain and pleasure.

Don’t forget to look at the sessions page on our websites for more details regarding your favourite Manchester Mistresses.

So do as you’re told wee boys and start phoning. 707939

Here Mistress Cornelia’s websites for more details and phone quickly as we’re busy Manchester Mistresses! 058296

Touring Mistresses to Manchester at Our Manchester Durngeons and Spanking Rooms.

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If you are a well established professional Mistress in the UK or abroad, who has an EXCELLENT reputation and you are thinking or touring as a Mistress to Manchester UK, then please give myself or Mistress Cornelia a call.

Please phone rather than just sending an email so that we can get to know each other better and if you cannot get hold of me over the phone then please phone Lady Cornelia.

Mistress Teressa – 07896 707939

Lady Cornelia 07563 058296

Please also look at our individual website and Dungeon pages and Hire Dungeon Page listed below and look at our amazing, well equipped premium and prodigious Domestic Rooms for Spanking etc. and our Dungeon rooms and facilities.

Also if you wish to be photographed by Mistress Cornelia while you are with us then please book in advance and look at her website for more details.

Corportal Punishment Sessions with Deputy Head Mistress Teressa and Headmistress Role Mistress Cornelia.

Manchester Mistress Teressa 2015 (6)Manchester Mistress Cornelia
Spanking is now being administered by our schools Senior Staff members, Deputy Head Mrs Cartwright (Brunette) and Headmistress Mistress Cornelia (Blonde). Other teachers are not officially authorised to administer corporal punishment at Mayhem Manor, but Headmistress and Deputy Head are!
Insubordinate fiendish little boys are typically interviewed about their offences in their office, before being told their punishment. Villainous little boys will then be required to remove their blazers, shoes and trousers and go over Headmistress and Deputy Head knees, then the desk or punishment bench.
You may receive the ruler on the hand, paddled, cane or slipper and for more serious misdemeanor, especially infractions committed outside the classroom, such as smoking, being rude to girls, being late for school and not handing in your homework on time or all the above!
Their Booking and Appointment Details.
If you can please try to phone Deputy Head Mistress Teressa 07896 707939 or Headmistress Mistress Cornelia 07563 058296
We offer sessions from Monday to Saturday and they are for 15 minutes, which is an in and out session a 30 minutes
Sessions vary you can have 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour etc.
1 hour sessions at a very competitive price, etc…
We can all have a chat on the day before the session starts out of session time and refreshments are available during your appointment or we can go right into role play when we all meet, depending on our discussion over the phone with Deputy Head or Headmistress.

Welcome to Mistress Teressa’s New Website and Blog

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Welcome to the website and Blog posts of the Manchester Mistress Teressa. She hopes you’ll enjoy reading her new blog and website now and in the future.

Manchester Mistress of Mistresses the Sexy Mistress Teressa. She is waiting for you in her Manchester Dungeon. Mistress Teressa is a stunning, mature, Dominatrix who lives in the élite Professional Dominatrix (Pro-Domme) World of sadistic activity, corporal punishment, BDSM and Sado Masochism. She also has one of the best and biggest Dungeons and Domestic settings in Manchester and the UK!

Mistresses like Mistress Teressa are Sensuous, yet Cruel, Seductive and Sadistic and she is capable of taking away your will power and in total control of you!