This Tantalising, Teasing, Busty Brunette is 5’6″ tall and is one of the finest Mistresses in Manchester. She is a Professional Dominatrix with years of experience in the BDSM World and she is always in the pursuit of an alternative, the interesting and the thrilling. She is a Mistress who embraces every opportunity to expand her skills, time after time in fact there is nothing that this Manchester Mistress cannot do!

Mistress Teressa is superb, severe and versatile and also has a variety of skills that very few Mistresses could possibly hope to achieve in the world of Domination in Manchester. She’s talented, exciting and curious and this is all wrapped up in a beautiful package of fun and fabulousness and a sexy hourglass figure.

Mistress Teressa practices her very seductive yet strict disciplines in Manchester and she will take a 100% control of the situation when you arrive at her Manchester Dungeon because SHE can.

This Mistress welcomes session enquiries from submissive’s, fetishists, novices and experienced players alike and also with a great passion she will drive you from sensuality to sadomasochism and will bring you to your knees during every session.

The Mistress is obviously every inch a women of power she is very sexy, assertive and has a dominant persona. She certainly knows the art of BDSM and Tie and Tease and at the same time she exudes sophistication, elegance and is highly skilled in erotic dominance.

Mistress Teressa is a woman of sensuality and extremes, specialising in everything you poor little slaves could endure or deserve.

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